Ben van Dijk

Education and Career

Ben van Dijk, born in 1955 in Den Haag, got his first trombone lessons from his father Piet van Dijk who himself was principal trombone player at the Den Haag Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ben received his diploma for soloist trombone with the rating "cum laude" in the year 1980 at the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag. In the year 1976 he got appointed to Netherlands Radio Filharmonisch Orkest for the position of bass trombone player.

He went on to study with Jeff Reynolds and Roger Bobo in Los Angeles.

After 23 years with the NRPO, Ben became the principal bass trombonist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic. For more than 15 years he played with the Dutch Wind Ensemble and as a bass trombonist in the Dutch Jazz Orchestra as well as 14 years with the Dutch brass sextet.

Ben van Dijk is bass and contrabass trombonist of the Philharmonic Orchestra Rotterdam and professor at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He gives solo concerts and masterclasses all over the world and performs regularly at the International Trombone Association ITA's annual international trombone festivals. Ben van Dijk was awarded the 2003 ITA Prize.

Until now there are 4 solo records with Ben:

  • Nana (2000)
  • First Song (2003)
  • Melody (2007)
  • Never Alone (2011)

Ben van Dijk and THEIN

Ben van Dijk and THEIN base their cooperation on the basis of mutual inspiration with the aim of developing outstanding trombones in German or European sound tradition and construction:

  • open soulful sound
  • easy homogeneous reaction in all situations
  • excellent intonation
  • Hagmann valves for quick response and easy playability of the valve layers

Today the "Ben van Dijk-Bass Trombone" and the "Ben van Dijk-Contrabass Trombone" are worldwide reputated  high class instruments for orchestral, ensemble and solo playing. Together with the "Ben van Dijk mouthpieces", they are a source of inspiration for Ben who perfectly fit to his soulful kind of music making.

Ben and THEIN has develloped a tenor trombone and mouthpieces that support his tenor trombone playing as a bass trombonist.

Ben spielt:

  • THEIN Bassposaune
  • THEIN Contrabassposaune

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