Peter Körner

Peter Köner was born in 1974 in Warendorf, Germany. At the age of 16, he started to play the trombone. As he turned 18, he prepared himself, together with his teacher Oliver Siefert from the RSO Frankfurt, for his studies at Weimar and later Munich.

Because of the experience he made with his first teachers Armin Bachmann and Wolfram Arndt, who hat very different musical backgrounds, Peter later focused on learning the styles from different teachers like Branimir Slokar/Freiburg, Michael Mulcahy/Chicago and Tobias Füller/Düsseldorf. This influenced Peter to teach his students from the Bilkent University (Turkey) the same way so that they  become versatile musicians.

Since he and his wife Asli - Concertmaster at the State Opera in Ankara, decided to accept the teaching assignment at Bilkent University, Peter was constantly invited to play with the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra as deputy soloist trombone player.

In addition to developing and enhance trombones and mouthpieces with the Thein Brothers, Peter also enjoys writing books and articles. To mention per example his doctoral thesis on "breathing techniques" and a book written with Heinrich Thein "World of the alto trombone" (published in March / 2015 - Edition Martin Schmid).

In addition to play the alto and tenor trombone, Peter is also happy to perform musically with the euphonium and the bass trumpet in the orchestra.


Besides his Trio Orient Express there is also Peters soloistic work to mention:

  • Eine Nacht in der Oper
  • Vier Generationen Posaunisten und
  • 3 Brassgetiere

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