Michael Massong


Michael was born in 1969 in Germany.  He studied in Frankfurt am Main and at the Royal College of Music in London. He finished his studies at the Juilliard School of Music in New York by the soloist trombone player of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra Joseph Allessi. 

Other teachers were the legendary Professor Arnold Jacobs at the Northwestern University in Chicago and Charles Vermon, bass trombone player at Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

As the youngest and as well the only German participant, he was student of the annual summer school of the famous Swedish trombone player Christian Lindberg.


In 1992 Michael had his first permanent position as a soloist trombone player for the Hamburg Symphonic Orchestra and the same position in 1994 at the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin. As a soloist Michael is playing worldwide.

His concerts as a soloist and his masterclassis brought him to China, Japan, Russia, USA, Singapur, Republik Korea and Slowenia.

Michael teaches periodically mastecrlasses as a visiting Professor in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia). 

Cooperation with Thein Brass

Michael Massong plays exclusively on Thein brass instruments. He had developed, together with the Brothers Max and Heinrich Thein, his own tenor and alto trombone series that are well reputed internationally.

The result is the THEIN Universal,  it satisfies as a flexible soloist instrument and a broad sound spectrum of a large symphony orchestra.

  • warm and agile sound
  • easy to play with open sound
  • even sound characteristic throughout all scales
  • easy and open to play in the high notes
  • full and rich in the low notes
  • Handmade by Thein Brass in Germany

Michael plays:

  • THEIN American Tenor Trombone "Universal"
  • THEIN German Tenor Trombone "Soloist"
  • THEIN Alto Trombone "Universal"

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