Diego Garbin

Diego Garbin graduated in trumpet at the Musical Conservatory Dr. Carlos de Campos of Tatuí (Brazil) and is currently trumpeter in the Big Band of the same institution. He has excelled in the scene of Brazilian instrumental music as soloist / improviser.

He has already contributed with his beautiful solos in several albums, per example:"Constatações" and "Corpo e Alma" - by Paulo Almeida Quintet, "Plural" and "DiverCidades" - by André Marques Sextet, "Música de Baterista" - by Cleber Almeida Septet, "Natureza Universal" - by Hermeto Pascoal and Big Band, "Coletivo Encarnado" - by Fábio Gouvea Decept and many others.

In addition to being a great instrumentalist, the young musician also stands out for his compositions and arrangements, especially with the group “Noneto de Casa”, which already has recorded two albums and most of the songs are authored and arranged by the trumpeter.

Among his musical experiences, he has played with Vinicius Dorin, Maestro Branco, Hermeto Pascoal, Thiago do Espirito Santo, Marcos Paiva, André Marques, Mario Campos, Itibere Zuarg, Cleber Almeida, Fabio Gouveia, JP Barbosa,

Trio Corrente, Humberto Araujo, Nailor Proveta, Ademir Junior, Marcelo Coelho, Daniel Alcantara, Vitor Alcantara, Nelson Faria, Sizão Machado, Gilson Piranzatta, Mauro Senise, Vittor Santos, Jorginho do Trompete, Lenny Andrade, Miles Osland, Altair Martins, among others.

He participated in several Festivals in Brazil and abroad, such as: Jazz a La Calle (Uruguay), Tucuman Jazz (Argentina), Savassi Jazz Festival (Belo Horizonte), Music Festival of Ourinhos, Instrumental Panel (Tatuí).

Diego plays:

  • THEIN MH-One Piston Trumpet in Bb

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