Marcos Motta 'DeDé'

Music Education

Marcos Motta received his bachelor of music degree from Faculdade Mozarteum de São Paulo in 2000, where he studied with Paul Mitchell.

In the United States of America, he studied with Michael Payton (Kinhaven Music School Program in Weston), and Lawrence Wright (Moravian College Music Institute, Pensylvania).

Orchestra Experience

Marcos Motta spent years performing with many orchestras such as OSESP(2008/2009), São Bernando do Campo Symphony Orchestra, São Paulo New Philharmonic, Santo André Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonia Cultura and São Paulo State Symphony Band.

In 2011 Marcos Motta joined the São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra, as a trumpet soloist on august 2011.

As a soloist, he performed with Sinfonia Cultura, São Paulo State Symphony Band, Unesp Chamber Orchestra and Youth State São Paulo Symphony Band. Next performance includes Second Brandenburg Concerto with São Paulo Municipal Symphony Orchestra on August/September 2018.

DeDé plays:

  • THEIN Rotary Trumpet in C
  • THEIN Piston Trumpet in C
  • THEIN Piston Trumpet in B
  • THEIN Piccolo Trumpet in Bb/A

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