Because it offers such a wide variety of sounds without changing its fundamental tone, this lightest of our models is preferred in the sizes 1-3. Its extreme richness of overtones makes it the instrument of choice for compositions from the romantic period (Debussy/Ravel/Puccini).
The colors and sounds it produces in pianissimo passages are truly magical.
Sizes 1 and 2 can be trusted to produce maximum projection, especially in passages with fortissimo rolls (Strauss: "Zarathustra"; Mahler: Sinfonien; Schönberg:"Gurrelieder"; Messiaen:"Turangalila".


Size 3 and 4 are instruments of universal application. In this register of triangle sound, both single notes and rhythmic figures can be offered with the security of knowing that their color will always conform to the momentary character of the music.

The sizes 5 – 7 represent a highly particular realm of sound. The colors they produce are not unlike those of crotales. Wonderful possibilities for use are offered by works such as:
Mozart: "Entführung aus dem Serail"
Beethoven: "9. Beethoven"
Rossini: "Italienerin in Algier"
Strawinsky: "Petroushka"


Our dear friends from New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Percussion Section!

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