Triangeln und Percussion

The triangles are all characterized by an extremely wide spectrum of sound.

The hand-forged instruments have a fantastic speech without any distracting ambient noise. Even heavy triangles can be played easily with light mallets. In " ff " the fundamental character of each intrument is homogeneously fused with the very dense overtones. .


We have extended the basic sound spectrum of our instruments so that it now includes seven different sizes of triangles. In the future, NS model triangles will be produced by special order only because of their affinity with the sound of the GMS models.

We have developed a die-cast beater in "baseball bat" form to complete the series of beaters in the 3-8 mm diameter range. This new beater is offered in three different sizes. The particular alloy from which it is made and the precise balance of its form combine to extract a pure sound from your triangle without the least bit of contact noise.



Our mission are instruments, which have the potential of sonic improvement. In collaboration with Thomas  „Buddy" Höfs we developped tambourines, which are tuneable and have differentiated sound colors. 

The metal jingles are hand forged, the wooden ring is hand bent. 

We designed a model specially for "Carmen" and one for "Salome". 


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