THEIN bass trombone, model Universal 'Zack Bond'

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Zachary Bond

plays Thein bass trombone model Universal II in this version:

  • screwable bell in THEIN K-Style metal (german style) and
  • bell in gold brass (american style)
  • 2 Hagmann valves 'inline'
  • Zug 14,4/0567", Style  C3

Zack Bond: "I have never played another instrument that was so dynamic, responsive, and colorful. "


  • Bell:  Ø 240 mm
  • Rim: 1 cm rim in nickel silver with french rim
  • Material: yellow brass/THEIN K-Style metal
  • Bore: 14,4mm
  • Thickness: 0,40 mm/0,55 mm
  • Finish: lacquered
  • Recommandation mouthpiece: Zack Bond 007 Willies

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