Jazz trombone MAXIM

MAXIM, the Thein Jazz trombone, was developed with Uwe Granitza. Granitza is playing trombone and tuba, he is performing with  Roger Cicero Band, Achim Reichel Band, Jazzkantine, Dub Guerilla and Björn Vüllgraf Orchester. 

Brilliance in tone and intonation and precision in response are the "must be". The "more" of MAXIM is the unmistakable, vibrating sound, which is lively and rich in tone.

MAXIM, loved and recommended by Jilt Jansma, solo trombone in Gelderland Orchster, Arnhem and Jazz Professor for trombone in Amsterdam and Groningen. 



  • Bore: 12,4mm

  • Bell: 190mm (7 1/2), high-grade annealed "bell-bronze"

  • Slides: nickel silver and nickel silver hard-chrome plated

  • Finish: Ice plated

  • Recommendation mouthpiece: Willie´s "MAXIM" 

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