Corno Da Caccia B/A

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Special features of the instrument:
Combined trigger, 4 valve trumpet horn in soprano/trumpet pitch. Combined trigger at 3rd and 4th valve, trigger at 1st valve. C and A key, screwed bell system with various bells, 180 to 220 mm diameter.


This instrument of the horn family is suitable for a variety of applications. I use it for Mozart’s post horn serenade, Mahler’s post horn solo and exposed horn parts in pieces by Bach, to name a few. The post horn was no strictly defined instrument in the past, so a corno is probably one of the best possibilities to adequately realise Mahler’s expectations of the sound, for example.

With German Brass, we love to use it as a sound enrichment between horns and fluegehorns.

Technical specifications

  • Bell diameter: 100
  • bell rim: fr. rim
  • Material: brass
  • Bore: 11,0mm - 12,0mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.45
  • Finish: gold plated/silver plated
  • Recommended mouthpiece: H1, H2, H3, H-SP

Corno da Caccia in C by request

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