THEIN Piston Piccolo in G, 4 valves

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Features of the instrument

  • Trigger 1st Slide
  • Trigger 4th Slide
  • The briefly measured 4th Slide is suited for auxiliary clutches


This Piccolo is a continuation with the B flat / A-Piccolo begun development. The sound goes even more in the direction of the "big" trumpets. Played in the orchestra with damper, it is hardly to be distinguished from a trumpet of deeper tuning.

This Piccolo is an advantageous complement for the players who would want the play feeling of the "big" trumpet on the Piccolo. As with the B flat / A-Piccolo trumpet the response is also very simple.

The response is without down-bows compared with other Piccolo trumpets.


    Bell: 100 mm,
    Rim:  french rim
    Material: yellow brass
    Bore: 11,50mm
    Thickness: 0,40 mm
    Finish: gold plated
    Recommendation mouthpiece: H-P1

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