THEIN Piston Piccolo Trumpet in Bb/A
4 valves

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Features of the instrument

  • Trigger in the 1st Slide
  • Intonationstrigger in the 3rd Slide
  • Trigger in the 4th Slide
  • The 4th slide is briefly measured, in the deep registers he can become comfortably triggered.
  • The 4th valve is to be used comfortably for the auxiliary clutches and intonation work.
  • The instrument has separate B flat and A leadpipe.
  • For the G tuning the leadpipe elbow with 1st., 3rd and 4th slide is changed.
  • The 2nd slide is firmly soldered.


The actually necessary length correction is compensated by instrument making-technical "tricks" in the instrument. The timbre is full and without sharpnesses. The instrument is played in all 3 tunings perfectly. The big bore favours the air stream and diminished disagreeable counterpressure. The respectable 24-carat gilding supports the noble sound. An intonation correction place in the bell compensates the usual divergences of the 5th and 6th natural tone. The enlargement to the Piccolo G trumpet has the advantage that the blower holds the usually same instrument in hands in three tunings.



We have developed these Piccolo as a tonal alternative to the usual instruments. It should have a dark sound and be applicable in the baroque movement as well as in the orchestra. Matthias Höfs use them in the orchestra, for example, for Bolero, Sacre Printemps or Britten operas. The Ansprache is without down-bows compared with other Piccolo trumpets.


    Bell ⌀: 100 mm,
    Rim:  french rim
    Material: brass
    Bore: 11,50mm
    Thickness: 0,40 mm
    Finish: gold plated
    Recommendation mouthpiece: H-P1

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