Piston E/E flat/D trumpet, 4 valves

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Features of the instrument

Trigger at the 1st and 4th valve slide, intonation ring at the 3rd slide.

The mass of the 4th valve looks volume-strengthening and substance-strengthening. Ideally for the Haydn's concert.

The combination of heavy screw caps and the english rim at the bell cause a very good center and separation of the tones.

The enlargement to the E, D and  C trumpet has the advantage that the musician holds the usually same instrument in hands in 4 different tunings. For the E tuning (Hummel-Concert) are changed leadpipe and slides, the bell of the Eb trumpet remains.

For the baroque or classical D tuning are changed the bell and slides. It is used either the bell of Eb or the C version.


    Bell ⌀: 124,5 mm,
    Rim:  english rim
    Material: yellow brass
    Bore: 11,50mm
    Finish: gold plated
    Recommendation mouthpiece:

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