THEIN Piston Bb-Cornet "Berlin Model"

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After the end of the classical period the frenchhorn had emerged as the main instrument from the large family of various horn instruments. But then there was a lack of a real conical soprano instrument. The invention of the Perinet valves at the beginning of the 19th Century in France lead to the devolpment of a “cornet à piston”. The key was A and Bb, moreorless the today’s main trumpet key. This type became very popular and spread fast. Trumpet players soon became also “Cornetists”.
In Germany and Austria cornets also have been built with rotary valves.

Model information

Our instrument has been optimized in intonation and response and allows a typical cornet sound in connection with the new developed mouthpieces HC and C3-1C. The tuning slide-Pitchfinder is helpful both in solo play, as well as in opera use.
Thanks to the Pitchfinder low tones written for A-Cornet can be played correctly.


  • Bell diameter: 122 mm
  • Bell rim: french rim
  • Material: yellowbrass
  • Bore: 11.50 mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.40 mm
  • Finish: lacquered, gold lacquered, silver plated, gold plated
  • Mouthpiece recomondation: THEIN HC and C3-1C

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