Rotary C trumpet

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Features of the instrument

Zirnbauer machine, Kruspe metal, B flat/C/A key, Pitchfinder, sound ring, changeable leadpipe, screwed bell.

Additionals: Tuning bows with valve for Bb tuning. Can be used for the Hummel-Concert in E tuning.


By this instrument Matthias Höfs had wished a trumpet which does not have sound to the typical C trumpets, but orientates itself rather by the Bb flat trumpet. Particularly the Zirnbauer machine with generally conical pipe course has turned out here very advantageous. It has become an incredibly varied instrument with the whole tonal palette of the trumpet sound. Matthias Höfs has used them, e.g., with the recording of the Jolivet concert on the CD "Gansch meets Höfs" which grants to him here the freedoms which he fancied for this piece. We have conceived for the Hummel-Concert in E longer leadpipe with which the trumpet on B tuning can be brought. Thus one can use comfortably the "usual" clutch way it of the B flat trumpet. This concert demands rather a softer and more full sound, this is achievable on a B flat trumpet much better than on an E trumpet. Besides, the E trumpet is an instrument which you cannot often use. With the small "trick" of the B flat trumpet you can play the concert comfortably on the usual C trumpet (after Bb retuned).

Besides, we have developed a special bow which is equipped with a control valve. Retuning permits this valve effortlessly. Thus one can play, for example, the slow movement then on the C trumpet and then reads A minor by which the trills can be formed substantially better, than on the Bb trumpet.


  • Bell ⌀: 130 mm,
  • Rim: Kranz
  • Material: Thein Kruspe style metal
  • Bore: 11,00mm / 11,50mm
  • Thickness: 0,45 mm
  • Finish: gold plated
  • Recommendation mouthpiece: MH1, MH2

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