THEIN rotary C-Trumpet
"Berlin Model"

Model information

The "Berlin Model" was developed in 2020 together with Andre Schoch (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra). It is characterized by easy playing, bright sound, amazing intonation and a rich and stable resonance.


  • Model 11.05 M Meinlschmidt - valve section
  • Model 11.05 Z Zirnbauer - valve section
  • Bell diameter: 130 mm
  • Bell rim: french rim
  • Wall thickness: 0,40/0,45 mm
  • Material: yellow brass, gold brass, THEIN K-Style metal
  • Finish: raw, lacquered, silver plated, gold plated
  • Mouthpiece recomondations: THEIN 1C,1-¼C und 1-½C

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