THEIN Piston C - Trumpet "MH One - short version"

Features of the instrument

"American" trumpet with 3 valves. The Pitchfinder facility makes the excellent intonation supple and easy to adjust.

The Sliding Bell System (screwed bell) with 2 bells provides a big orchestral sound which is achieved by a 130 mm diameter bell made of THEIN K-Style metal and a smaller bell made of yellow brass with a high wall thickness.

Technical specifications
Orchestra version

  • Bell diameter: 130
  • Bell rim: 1 cm garland
  • Material: THEIN K-style metal
  • Wall thickness: 0.40
  • Finish: Gold

Lead version

  • Bell diameter: 125
  • Bell rim: Fr. rim
  • Material: gold brass
  • Bore: 11.50 mm / 0.453 in.
  • Wall thickness: 0.50
  • Finish: lacquered
  • Recommended mouthpiece: MHE-1

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