THEIN Piston C - Trumpet "MH One"

Features of the instrument

 "American" trumpet with 3 valves. The Pitchfinder equipment makes the excellent intonation smooth and slightly adjustable. The sliding bell system (screwed bells) with 2 bells proves a big orchestral sound by 130 mm of Druchmesser bell in Thein Krupse style metal and a smallerthick-walled bell in yellow brass.


Matthias Höfs uses this instrument as an enrichment of the tonal palette primarily for modern French literature and in the orchestra, for example, for Stravinsky, Ravel or Debussy.

Specifications orchestrial model

  • Bell ⌀: 130 mm,
  • Rim: 1cm nickel silver garland
  • Material: THEIN K-style metal
  • Bore: 11,50mm
  • Thickness: 0,40 mm
  • Finish: gold plated
  • Recommendation mouthpiece:

Specifications for lead version

  • Bell ⌀: 125 mm,
  • Rim: french rim
  • Material: yellow brass
  • Bore: 11,50mm
  • Thickness: 0,50 mm
  • Finish: lacquered
  • Recommendation mouthpiece: MHE-1