Rotary B flat trumpet, 4 valves

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Features of the instrument

Special trumpet / universal trumpet for deep places and very big compact sound. All advantages of the German B flat trumpet, quart valve, specially fifth bow.


A deep trumpet is required in the romantic and modern orchestra literature. In the romanticism the low (mostly in fa tuning)  trumpet was the standard instrument, the upcoming B flat trumpet was called high trumpet under which today mostly Piccolo trumpets are understood). Thus it comes that, for example, Richard Strauss demands in his pieces of tones which are not to be played on the instruments common today. Also with other composers this seems. For this 4-ventilige B flat trumpet is suited very well. By the fifth bow very high bass trumpet places are for example also well playable as she demands, for example, Henze. In addition, she is applicable of course also as "a normal" B flat trumpet with very mighty sound.


  • Bell ⌀: 140 mm,
  • Rim: french Kranz
  • Material:yellow brass
  • Bore: 11,50mm
  • Thickness: 0,45 mm
  • Finish: silver plated
  • Recommendation mouthpiece: MH2, MH2-BW

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