Rotary B flat trumpet

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Features of the instrument

The main instrument every trumpet player was refined about many years more and more. The big bore in connection with the finest wall strength in Kruspe style THEIN metal, to tonal tins and half sticks and pearl sticks make the sound big, "German", orchestral and solistisch.

Technical finesse: Exchangeable Leadpipe, Pitchfinder, Trigger on 3. Slide / combination, change sound mug, B/C/A flaps, Sound goldplated.
The best Meinlschmidt machine with lubrication groove. Beyond it, there is a project with Zirnbauer machine.


  • Bell ⌀: 140 mm,
  • Rim: Kranz
  • Material: Thein Kruspe style metal
  • Bore: 11,50mm
  • Thickness: 0,30 mm
  • Finish: gold plated
  • Recommendation mouthpiece: MH1, MH1-BW, MH2, MH”-BW

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