THEIN Piston Bb - Trumpet "MH One - Double-Bell"

Model Information

The Double Bell Trumpet is based on the  "double instruments" which were developed already at the middle of the 19th century. Our idea was to generate different sound characters in one instrument, to let play this with each other and to let hold dialogues to surprise the listener with new tonal experiences. Besides, we were inspired by an echo cornet of Ed. Kruspe (approx. in 1910).

Our instrument make quick tonal changes by an additional valve possible which leads to the second bell which is tuneable and can swivelling about 180 degrees. Already in 1975 we sketched and built in our workshop such a trumpet. At that time with two different bells – one flugelhorn-like, the other small bore with a slender and brightly sound. The fact that we was not alone with the idea, points a YouTube video of Bobby Shew who played a stand-in Barking trumpet already in the 80-s.

In 2000 we built for a contrabass trombone a double bell variation for Gérard Buquet of the ensemble Intercontemporaine. About increases years we have further developed the draught of our doubele bell Trumpet. However, what is an instrument without musician and the music? And thus the draught waited for the golden moment. He came when the connection of Matthias Höfs and Wolf Kerschek became engrossed. The spark jumped, Kerschek's composition accepted form and we completed the new development the stand-in Barking trumpet which never allows heard tonal variations and tonal variations in "Adventures of a Trumpet".


  • 1. Bell: ø 122 mm, yellow brass, Typ No. 7, wall thickness 0,40 mm, Mainzer rim
  • 2. Bell: ø 122 mm, yellow brass, Typ No. 7, wall thickness 0,40 mm, Mainzer rim, rotatable
  • Bore: 11.50 mm
  • Finish: roh, lackiert, versilbert, vergoldet
  • Mundstückempfehlung: 1¼C, 1½C

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